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Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Describe your business?
Branded J Co is a Cruelty Free Company, and we take pride in making products that are animal-friendly and good for your skin. What started as a question—What happens to animals when they make makeup brushes–In a makeup trailer on a movie set 3-1/2 years ago fueled a passion of research to find the Truth. As a makeup artist and hairstylist in the film industry for 28 years, I knew it was time to step outside the box. In an industry that is always changing, I started looking at the tools that I had used on a daily basis and broke it down. What I found out is beyond belief! But we have an alternative to animal hair brushes. The invention is not new but the processing has been perfected. It’s called Synthetic Taklon, and it is the softest, most versatile and durable fiber that can be used in powders, liquids, and creams, while the antibacterial benefits give you a flawless application.
What is your range of products offered?
We have designed a 16-piece Master Artist makeup brush set, Perfect eye or Perfect face set that can be used by anyone that has the desire to create their own look. All brushes and bags are sold separately. Along with beautiful brushes, one must have unique cosmetic bags. They look and feel like leather but they are also synthetic. Branded J is proud to announce Shades of Beauty, a cosmetic line that is not tested on animals and is good for your skin.
What customers do you serve?
Our clients range from all ages, from beginners to the most advanced makeup artists.
Do you promote your products wholesale, retail, or both?
We sell through both wholesale and retail channels. Even though the design was created for the professional, the brushes and bags are extremely consumer-friendly and great for getting organized and for travel.
What intrigued you originally to enter the beauty product industry?
As most women do, I love products of all kinds! The intrigue that fueled my passion with Branded J hit home with me, when it comes to animals and our health. It is all related to learning about what happens to the animals and what ingredients are in products; the facts would scare anyone. I asked myself, “Do you just want to complain about it or do something about it?” Branded J was born and my mission is driven by my passion to make all women aware that we don’t have to settle. We have choices!
Where do you find your design inspiration?
Prayer, my husband, my son, my animals—everything I see and hear, even music influences and inspires my product designs. When someone looks at me and smiles, it opens my creative side; Children inspire me because they have the purest ability to share and create. I hope that I can encourage and inspire others to never give up on your dreams.
Where do you see your business headling?
Branded J Collections is a new business with room to grow. We are on the cutting edge of where the industry is heading. More companies are becoming aware of the dangers that are found in cosmetics and in the everyday tools we use. Also, the alarming abuse done to animals is so tragic; it is beyond words. Please visit and read more information on how brushes are made and you will see that synthetic wins hands down. We all win and it’s better for you—imagine that.
Why do you continue to love what you do?
Because I am not promised tomorrow, and when I am given a new day, I will continue to follow my dreams, which is fueled by a mission to make a difference in the world. I know that all things are possible! Making awareness of the truth just takes a little research and commitment to make a difference. That is why I will continue to move forward, because even when doors close, I know another one will open.
Branded J Collections
established 2005
Peggy Hannaman-Jones

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Miss America

February 17, 2006

Cosmetic Brush Sets

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King Red Production is Kids working for Kids. BJCO is featured in the first childrens learning video with the Roar Into Action Kids Club, a positive message for kids to "ROAR INTO ACTION" please visit King Red at Winner of the 2007 BEST Children's Short Film at the New York and Los Angeles film festival. 2007 Best Original Music.
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