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What does it really mean to Live Life Making A Difference; it’s waking up everyday with a grateful heart and doing our best to make the World a better place. It starts with a smile and a huge to the ones you call Family & Friends.
As we step into each day of our life we may think I'm just one person, but the Truth is that we are all connected, and even the least of us can touch the very core of our hearts. I know that I have lived a full life, that honestly I have not given much thought about how things are made. I just trust the manufacturer that it is safe, and whatever works and looks the best I would try. Well, one day my eye’s were open to a new thought called The Truth…

Have you ever wondered Why you chose the course or path that you are on today, I have. I really thought I wanted to do something else, then a few years went by, looked at all the lessons i've learned that now have become the diving board for my next Journey or perhaps my Destiny. You don’t always see this Wisdom until you have lived a few seasons of Life…
Branded J Collections has been birthed on research of The Truth. What started out as a quite inner question; "what happens to animals when they make a Makeup brush", has ignited a fire of passion to find the answer to that question. Little did I realize that what I was learning and doing for 27 years would help me to find that answer; without my background as a Cosmetologist, it would have been very difficult to find the hidden dangers that lie in the cuticle of animal hair.

Living Life Making A Difference has become my new motto for everyday living and charting the new season of my life. I have found that about every 10 years a new group of fun words become very popular, the new ones in my life are Going Green, Cruelty Free & The Truth. The triangle effect of these powerful words is ringing very strong for our future generations. GOING GREEN is going to open so many wonderful new doors for Inventors and Entrepreneurs, because a lot of products that we use on a daily basis need to be redesigned. CRUELTY FREE is the sleeping giant that has a huge warning flag that needs to be addressed in a major way. We must stop the insane torture that is causing so much harm to animals and people. We have become numb and bow our knee to merchandise, and the mighty dollar so we can be pretty or stylish in another animal’s skin. THE TRUTH is asking questions, reading labels and making wise choices. Once we know the Truth we can look for better alternatives. Branded J collections, mission is about making awareness of the alternatives available in the cosmetic industry. In order to make a huge impact to stop this insane treatment,we must start with the very products that are being made with these animals…
Please feel free to view the Video’s available in our video section of this web site. WARNING what you are about to see is real, it is the Truth about fur farming. Companies that claim that they are Cruelty Free; claiming they are shaving the animals and using shed hair from animals are deceiving themselves and others; in most cases they have not done the research. It is simply not true! All hair is bought through fur farmers all over the World. We are all responsible for the continued torture unless we draw a line in the sand and say STOP!!!

Living Life Making A Difference… GOD BLESS PJ


Synthetic fiber called Taklon is a man made fiber, it is not a new invention but the process has been perfected. You will not believe the wonderful things we can do with Synthetic and natural fibers that are better for our skin and health. Taklon can be processed to be very course or extremely soft. It is very durable and versatile, that is why it can be used in powders, creams and liquids. Animal hair can only be used in powders to perform a flawless makeup application; due to the cuticle will cause streaks when you apply a cream or liquid.

Beauty Without Cruelty Products

Over the last 10+ year’s technology has invented new exciting ways to process synthetic fiber from all kinds of plants and recyclable products. What’s so great is that we don’t have to kill or harm any animals any longer we have Amazing Alternatives that are better and will give you a flawless application.

Synthetic and Natural fibers are the new STYLE of the future, Not Animal products! Preserving our future for the next generation is our responsibility. We must think of what is happening today and look into tomorrow’s hopes and dreams for a better World. We must stop destroying life, and calling it Cruelty Free. There is nothing Cruelty Free about animal hair brushes…

Synthetic, Natural fibers and recyclable products are going to open new opportunities for the Thomas Edison’s of today. It is so exciting to think of a world that is free from abuse, and products that don’t cause sickness! That is another subject!!!!

Branded J collections, is one of only 12 companies at the moment in the USA that has a full line of quality synthetic brushes. Meaning these companies don’t have any animal hair in their product line and are truly Cruelty Free. Most cosmetic companies only have 2-3 synthetic brushes in their brush line, and the rest are animal hair. Due to being so heavily invested in Animal hair, some of the big stores and cosmetic companies are not moving into Cruelty Free so quickly, due to this Truth. But as consumers we have more to lose then money, it’s our HEALTH!

Living Life Making A Difference… GOD BLESS PJ


These are great questions, let's start with how Makeup brushes are made

Most makeup brushes are made with wooden handles, we have chosen at Branded J Co to use Acrylic handles. Due to the lacquer that is used on wooden handled brushes can be absorbed into the palms of our hands, it is broken down with 99% alcohol, which over time is very unhealthy.

The ferrule houses the construction part of the brush which holds the fiber/hair in place. The ferrule is made with aluminum and is also plated to give it better strength. Aluminum win's hands down due to it's light weight and price. The other metals that are available are very hard and more difficult for the glue to stay strong when moisture is present.They are also heavier which causes the brush not to be balanced and the price is much higher.

The By Glue is a product that is water resistant but not water proof, as with any glue with abuse or extreme pressure or moisture will loosen.

Branded J Collections is made with a synthetic fiber called Taklon, it is not a new invention, but the process has been perfected to deliver an Anti Bacterial benefit that is better for the skin. Animal hair has cuticle like human hair and powders, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals can get trapped inside the cuticle. Let me give you an example; when you condition your hair the cuticle has pockets that allow absorption so the hair can hold the conditioner, which will make your hair softer and more beautiful. In regard to Makeup brushes, it can work just the opposite when the powders, dead skin cells and chemicals get trapped inside the cuticle it can cause bacteria to form on the brush which in turn can cause the skin to break out or worse. Also if a person is allergic to Animals or sensitive skin, using Animal hair brushes is not a good idea. Synthetic Taklon is the Softest most Versitile fiber on the market it works great with Powders, Creams and Liquids, and will deliver a flawless application. Taklon is a man made fiber and not all Taklon is the same, just as NOT all Animal hair is the same, the process and research is the key element in the design of Branded J Collections.

Of course our main mission in using Synthetic Taklon fiber is to make awareness of what is happening to the animals that are being used in making makeup brushes,the procedure has nothing to do with shaving or shedding, details are much too graphic to share. The list of Animals being used is alarming and this procedure is so not necessary, we now have an amazing alternative to Animal hair brushes. We call it A BRUSH WITH HEAVEN. Under our Video section you can view the real Truth about Fur Farming. PLEASE view these video's with caution and NO Children present. We can make a difference if we know the Truth. Marketing is a powerful tool but Research tells the Truth...


Even though the glue is water resistant after many uses the brush will become weaker, and also water can get trapped in the ferrule and case bacteria, which in turns will cause the face to breakout or worse.

It is best to use a natural brush cleaner that is also good for the skin, followed up by an astringent/toner that can condition the brush as well as the skin. Remember the skin is like a sponge and will absorb everything. The market is ready for a new brush cleaner that is good for the SKIN and Brush. The SKIN should be # 1 so the brush cleaner needs to be gentle but anti-bacterial with moisturizing benefits for the Skin and brush. Branded J Co has a brush cleaner that is good for the skin and brush, with no fragrance and not TESTED on Animals.

Cleaning your Makeup brushes is so important! Ladies so many of us don't clean our makeup brushes and all we are doing is piling yesterdays face onto today's face with tomorrow face ready and waiting in the wings. Just think some people have not cleaned their brushes ever…

With this said, at Branded J Co we have made this process easy.

All you need is a clean towel or tissue, spray your favorite brush cleaner or 99% Alcohol into the towel and wipe back and forth, reshape, layflat or stand it up in a glass to dry and your done. Once it is dry, take your favorite toner/astringent and mist it into a clean towel and wipe your brush back and forth to remove any residue from the brush cleaner or alcohol. Then you are ready to apply your makeup. So the answer is ASAP and as often as you apply your makeup you should clean your brushes. I know it is a pain but once you start using clean brushes again, you will love your brushes and how your makeup application looks. When actors sit in a makeup chair, you don't think the Makeup Artist is using dirty brushes? PJ


There are many wonderful companies that are on the front line of fighting the fight to make awareness of the insane Cruelty that is happening around the World to animals. What I am observing and bear witness to, is that many cosmetic companies are using these wonderful LOGO'S in front of their products that are not Cruelty Free! One sure thing that you can look for, is if a company has Animal Hair brushes, those animals have been tortured for their fur, and there is NOTHING Cruety Free about that. PETA & LEAPING BUNNY are just two of many Logo's that come with a great reputation, they do a total back ground check on these companies that use their Logo. But be aware of companies that put these Logo's in front of Animal Hair brushes, they are deceiving you and themselves.You are going to see more companies in the future using this tactic to sell you their products. Don't Be Fooled, this issue is not just about making money, it's about hidden dangers in the cuticle of the animal hair that can make you very sick; and the major issue, what is happening to animals just to make a makeup brush. The research is Here! Your Health is to valuable to play with, the future is today and it's called Cruelty Free...