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Best Makeup Brushes
Everyday is special at Branded J collectionsTM. We have some of our favorite products on Special everyday
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Beauty Products


 Taklon Makeup Brushes
As a Veterinarian technician for seven years; Animals have been an important part of my life, and that is why I use Branded J makeup brushes. Not only are they cruelty free, they are the absolute softest brushes I have ever felt. They are balanced and easy to hold and they make the application of my makeup smooth and even. I won't use another brush. The motto at Branded J is true, they are "A Brush with Heaven" Becki with Macy & Habib, CA

Cruelty Free Cosmetics
Animals are a big part of my life, and when I started using the BJC brushes I could not believe how soft the synthetic fiber is, and that No Animals Hair is used in making these wonderful brushes. I have watched the video's on the BJC web site and see the research that has been done, and it opened my eye's to what is really happening to animals.I have had my Master Set for over a year and I love them. My makeup application is flawless. Thanks BJC for making such great products, and not harming or abusing animals. Kimiko & Cairo, CA

Professional Makeup Brushes
I absolutely love Branded J Collections. What's so wonderful about this product is that no animals are put at risk or hurt in order to make it. It's amazing. I love makeup almost as much as I love animals; that's why it is so upsetting to find out how many makeup brands use animals for testing. I use Branded J because it is a really great product, and I will continue to use it because of everything that it stands for. Thanks Branded J
Mandy, LA
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