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Company Profile: Branded J Collections

A Growing Demand for Cruelty-Free Products
For years, consumers have been lobbying the cosmetic industry to ban testing on animals and promote cruelty-free products. Many began to view products that were tested on animals or manufactured from animal byproducts as socially irresponsible. As society’s awareness of this issue grew, so did the market for cruelty-free personal care products.Professional Makeup Brush Sets

But what about the very makeup tools used to apply these cruelty-free products? This was the question posed by Peggy Hannaman-Jones. Peggy, an Emmy-nominated Hollywoodhairstylist and makeup artist, has spent the last 30 years working with an A-list celebrity roster, including Heather Locklear, Terri Hatcher, Lucy Lu, Tony Curtis, Eric Roberts and Dyan Cannon. Peggy feared that every time she or one of her peers picked up a makeup brush, an animal had unnecessarily been harmed. When she decided to replace her brush kit, she discovered only a very limited selection of high quality synthetic makeup brushes. On most occasions, Peggy’s search ended at the local art store, where she purchased paintbrushes as a temporary solution to her quest for a quality, animal-friendly makeup brush line.

A Passion Fuels a Well-Researched Idea
As a makeup artist whose craft demands the finest tools and as an animal lover who eschewed the use of animal-hair brushes, Peggy decided to take matters into her own hands. She set to work on creating an affordable, animal-friendly brush line that would not compromise the quality of her work as a makeup artist.

Peggy spent years researching and sourcing alternative fibers, cutting brushes by hand, and negotiating with manufacturers. In 2005, after hand cutting and testing more than 300 prototypes, Branded J Collections was born – 16 ultra-soft brushes made from custom-cut synthetic Taklon fibers and complemented by sleek, cayenne-colored acrylic handles. The Anti-Bacterial benefits have given us truly A Brush With Heaven.

The Next Generation of Make-Up Brushes
Branded J Collections was introduced to professional makeup artists in Hollywood in December 2005. Artists could not believe that the collection was synthetic. The silky-soft fibers, modern design, and effortless application outperformed not only other synthetic brush lines on the market but also the animal-fiber brushes they had grown accustomed to using.

This tremendously positive response from professional artists made Peggy realize that access to Branded J Collections should not be limited to just artists; everyone who wears makeup should have access to quality synthetic brushes. It was with this philosophy that Branded J Collections made its debut to editors and fashion industry insiders during New York City’s Olympus Fashion Week in February 2006. Just like the professional artists, everyone was astonished with the silky-soft brushes, and couldn’t wait to have a Branded J Collections brush in their makeup bags. Branded J Collections attracted the attention of The Humane Society of the United States, which featured the brushes as part of a film they are producing on animal-friendly fashion.

Throughout 2010, Branded J Collections looks forward to placing its brushes in the makeup kits of professional artists as well as the makeup bags of women across the country… and Peggy will continue to spread her message that looking and feeling your best should never have to harm another living creature.

Branded J Collections includes the 16-piece Master Brush Kit with Saddlebag, 10-piece Professional Brush Kit with Saddlebag, 4-piece Perfect Face Kit, and 4-piece Perfect Eye Kit. Brushes and Bags can be purchased separately. Branded J Collections is a Cruelty-Free Company and will be available at select boutiques across the country and online at Wholesale and Media inquires please contact Branded J Collections @ 818.501.5222 or e-mail us at